Simple Installation with Dependable Alarm Indication

The Series DAFA Air Flow Indicator and Alarm alerts users of low or no air flow conditions in pipes utilizing a thin, field trimmable vane to sense the air flow rate.  An 85 dB audible buzzer alternates with a bright red LED to alert users when the air flow rate drops, indicating low or no flow in the pipe.  The DAFA is battery powered to provide versatility for where it can be installed, and offers a yellow LED to indicate alow battery.  This device is ideal for monitoring radon mitigation systems by detecting a loss of air flow in the pipe and providing a signal to homeowners if the fan has stopped operating. 

 • Radon mitigation systems
 • Air flow monitoring in 3˝ and 4˝ pipes

Why Buy Dwyer?
The DAFA Air Flow Indicator and Alarm takes the guess work out of verifying air flow in applications such as radon mitigation systems. Its visual and audible alarms can minimize potential errors that might arise from misreading a U-Tube style manometer.

Features and Benefits:
 • Simple and quick installation
 • Field trimmable vane included to allow unit to be used in 3˝ and 4˝ pipes
 • Audible and visual alarms
 • Battery-operated with up to 5 year battery life and low battery warning